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Springs, rivers and lakes

Many tourists in the 19th century sought relief in the Korana River in Karlovac. Besides the locals, Zagreb residents were also frequent visitors. They adored the town’s healing baths. During the 1930’s, they would arrived into the town by train and horse carriage to Foginovo Beach. In 1960s and 1970s, thousands would arrive by car and enjoy the weekend on the Korana River. Since 2010, Foginovo Beach has been the first registered river beach in Croatia.

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A world of flora and fauna

The City Beautification Association established in 1896 a botanical garden alongside the bathing spots on the Korana River, named Vrbanić park. In 1908, the Korana Hotel wsa opened. Even today, the park fringes contain the originally planted trees, for which seedlings were purchased in Zagreb, Trieste and Vienna. Vrbanić Park has been protected since 1970 as a horticultural monument. The park is a favourite walking and resting area.

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An interesting geography

Karlovac is known as a city of parks, a city of stars, a city of beer … But it is also a city where a natural and cultural landscape intertwines into something that is unique in this part of the world, and it happens at the confluence of four rivers. The reason for setting Karlovac, the historic city – the star, at the confluence of the Kupa and Korana River was a military-strategic one. Having grown in size, the city eventually covered another two river tributaries, the Mrežnica and Dobra Rivers. The largest is the Kupa River, which flows through the centre of the city, into which the Dobra and Mahična Rivers flow downstream from the Korana River at Mekušje. The Mrežnica River flows into the Korana River in the Turanj city area.

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