March 26 – 27, 2022.

The first Quattro River Rally (QRR), at the same time the International Zone Championship and the Croatian Rally Championship, will take place the last weekend of March. The QRR will be a true spectacle for adrenaline lovers as well as drivers who will have the opportunity to drive through the beautifull landscapes of Karlovac County for the first time. The official start of the rally is Friday, March 25th. On the same day the service park and crew reception will be open. Scrutineering will be available at the Sports and Recreation Center Korana (SRC Korana) in Karlovac. A day later, on Saturday, March 26th, fans and visitors will be able to enjoy the ceremonial start and finish in the main walking area in city of Karlovac, near the promenade, which will take place at 3 PM. The Super Special Stage on the city streets in Karlovac (˝Korana Super Special Stage˝) is scheduled for two hours later (5 PM).

The majority of the Quattro River Rally will take place on Sunday, March 27th. The start of the second stage (˝Kupa Super Special Stage˝) in the wider Ozalj area will take place at 9 AM. The event is followed by two beautiful rivers, Dobra and Mrežnica, with dedicated special stages, which will be driven close to them. The program continues throughout the day, ending at 5 PM with a ceremonial finish in the center of Karlovac.

A total of four Super Special Stages and 90 kilometres of fascinating routes will surely attract the spectators’ attention. The participants will drive through the narrow streets of Karlovac, with magnificent views overlooking river of Mrežnica, the picturesque hills of the Ozalj region, and the spectators will surely enjoy the main event on the bridge in Novigrad na Dobri where the drivers will test their vehicle’s maximum performance.

A large number of motorsport fans from Croatia and the neighbouring countries are already interested into this event. Meaning, QRR will be a great pleasure for all drivers who will have an opportunity to test their four-wheeled beauties on the roads of the Karlovac County. The special stages are named after four stunning rivers running through Karlovac region: Mrežnica, Korana, Kupa and Dobra, whose wonderful sites the spectators will be able to enjoy with the sound of the cars revving away. With all of the above, a top experience is guaranteed!

In addition it is important to mention that the races on both days are completely free of charge for all spectators. There will also be a couple of enclosed fan zones with hospitality services for full experience.  This event is organised by Auto Klub INA delta Zagreb with the strong support of destination partners of the Karlovac County, Karlovac County Regional Tourist Board, the Four Rivers Tourist Board, the Kupa Tourist Board, the City of Karlovac and other valuable sponsors.

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26. March 2022.
17:00 h


27. March 2022.
9:54 and 14:03 h


27. March 2022.
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27. March 2022.
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