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Tourist Office of Karlovac County

The system of tourist offices consists of:

tourist offices of the locality,
tourist offices of the municipalities,
tourist offices of the towns,
tourist offices of the areas,
tourist offices of the county,
tourist office of the Zagreb City and
tourist office of the Croatia.

Tourist office of the Karlovac County

was established to promote and improve Karlovac County tourism and the economic interests of business and private persons providing catering and other tourist services or other activities directly related to tourism.

Goal of the Karlovac County tourist office:

improvement of the general conditions for the stay of tourists, promotion of the tourist product of Karlovac County and development of awareness of the importance and economic, social and other effects of tourism.
In order to improve the general conditions for the stay of tourists, the promotion of the tourist product of Karlovac County and the development of awareness of the importance and economic, social and other effects of tourism and the implementation and importance of preserving and improving all elements of the tourist product of Karlovac County, Karlovac County tourist office has the following tasks:

  • the promotion of a tourist destination at the county level independently and through joint advertising,
  • management of the public tourist infrastructure given to the management by the county,
  • participation in defining objectives and tourism development policy at the county level in relation to tourism development planning policy at the national level,
  • creating a tourism development strategy at county level,
  • promotion of tourist offer of the county in the country and abroad in coordination with the tourist office of the Coratia,
  • enrichment of the total tourist supply of the county and the creation of new products of the tourist region, especially in selective forms of tourism (rural, cultural, health tourism etc.)
  • providing expert and other assistance to the tourist communities in the County on issues of importance for their operation and development, and encouraging and assisting the development of tourism in non-tourism areas,
  • coordination of activities and supervision of the realization of objectives and tasks of tourist communities of municipalities and towns in the county,
  • participation in the development of tourism development plans and strategic marketing plan of Croatian tourism,
  • the creation of a strategic marketing plan for the county, in accordance with the strategic marketing plan of Croatian tourism,
  • promotion, preservation, promotion and promotion of all existing tourist resources and potentials, and tourist supply of the county,
  • collection, and weekly and monthly data processing of touristic traffic and all other data relevant to the monitoring of the accomplishment of set goals and tasks (summary report of municipalities and cities),
  • performing informative activities related to tourist offer,
  • preparation of semi-annual and annual reports, analysis and assessment of the work program and financial plan of the county tourist community,
  • the establishment of a unique tourist information system, a system for signing up and leaving the tourists and statistical processing for less-favored tourist communities and the Croatian tourist community,
  • unification of common development projects of tourist communities of municipalities and cities, and tourist communities of areas of importance for the county,
  • performing other tasks prescribed by this Act or other regulation.

The County Tourist office participates and carries out the programs and actions of the Croatian National Tourist office for a common interest for all subjects in tourism, as well as raising the quality of tourist offer of Croatia.

Tourist offices of counties cooperate with regional tourism organizations from other countries and may be members of international tourism organizations.

The authorities of the Tourist office of Karlovac County are the Assembly, the Tourist Council, the Supervisory Board and the President.

The Karlovac County Tourist Board operates on the basis of the Annual Work Program and Financial Plan adopted by the Assembly, and generates revenues from the following sources: sojourn tax, membership fees, the budget of Karlovac County and other sources. Expert service of Karlovac County Tourist Office is the tourist office based in Karlovac, Ambroza Vraniczanya 6, which performs professional and administrative tasks.

Karlovac County Tourist office

address: Ambroza Vraniczanya 6, Karlovac. Croatia

phone: +385 47 615 320

phone: +385 47 601 415



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