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Karlovac, the town on four rivers, the town of parks, the town of encounters. Karlovac, the town of the stardust reflection and the smell of eternity that came to a stop. So many things in connection with Karlovac are always a fresh inspiration to visit and take a stroll through this town. Swimming in the Korana river, rowing on the Kupa, walking along the old moats surrounding the star-shaped city center, a rest near the old Dubovac castle, relaxing under the beautiful colors of the glass windows of the Holy Trinity Church or simply having a cup of coffee under the flowering chestnut trees along the old Promenade, all these things make the six dimensions of the adventure of visiting Karlovac, just as its historic centre was built in the form of a six-pointed star. Visiting Karlovac is just like making a mosaic: the picture of the town will be complete only after you have put the last little stone in its place.

Duga Resa

Duga Resa is a small town that developed around a major textile factory, but was also known to the ancient Romans who knew how to recognize a prime location. It is situated along the quieter part of the Mrežnica river, which abounds in long leaves of a kind of grass (called resa), after which the town supposedly got its name. Even today, the town’s greatest asset is the Mrežnica, a crystal-clear karst river surrounded by beautiful green banks, rich in travertine barriers and waterfalls that offer wonderful hydromassage opportunities during the summer months.


When Bernardin Frankopan founded Ogulin in the 16th century, right above the steep canyon of the Dobra river, he couldn’t even imagine that in the end he would partly stay in the shadow of a girl – Đula. The brave Ogulin soldiers fought for centuries, which is a very well known fact due to many preserved archival documents and numerous archaeological finds. And a tragic love which arose amid all that horrible fighting turned the history of battles into a memory of Đula’s tragic fate. The Ogulin abyss was named after her and the rock formation above the abyss reflects the face of her beloved, who is still wondering where she might have disappeared.


The first contact with Ozalj is the Kupa river, and on that river you’ll se the so-called Munjara, a hydroelectric power plant, that was, almost like some kind of a castle, built in the middle of the river. This beautiful example of industrial architecture produces electricity even today. And from Munjara you will have the most beautiful view of the stony old Ozalj castle, built on a cliff above the river. If you are traveling by train, you will pass through a tunnel under the foundations of the old castle on the very bank of the Kupa river.


Your first encounter with Slunj will make you sigh. While driving along the D1 road, you won’t be able to look away from the enchanting Rastoke waterfalls, and if you do manage to look elsewhere, in the very next moment you’ll get lost in the depths of the Korana canyon. And the moment you think you’ll be able to avoid stopping, you’ll see the Slovin fort walls and find yourself in the merry crowd in the Slunj center. Just relax. It means you should stop and stay for a while.


A walk or a ride through the area surrounding Barilović is likely to leave a deep impression on you, even long after you have returned home. Since the 15 century, Barilović has been described as a place with the perfect living conditions. Life on the river in this karst area has been a blessing for the local people, as well as for tourists. Whether you are a hunter or an angler, an accidental traveler who wants to take a swim in the Korana or Mrežnica rivers, or just an adventure seeker who wants to go kanoeing down the rivers, this is the area that will readily show all its assets.


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