The ancient stone fort Cetin is one of the oldest medieval settlements, a prime Croatian historical site and a superb example of the art of military forts building. If you have ever visited Vienna and its Austrian State Archives, you must have come across one of the most important documents of Croatia’s statehood, a chart by which Ferdinand I, the Archduke of Austria, was elected the king of Croatia on New Year’s Day in 1527 by the nobility gathered at the Cetin Parliament in today’s Cetingrad. The Cetingrad Charter, with its seven seals, tells us of the historic importance of the old town of Cetin, but also reminds us of the many reasons why we should visit Cetingrad today.

To feel the spirit of history while entering the old fort is a privilege of those who know how difficult the road to success can be. Sometimes it is a good idea to stop for a moment and let our thoughts float above the relaxing green hills of the Cetingrad area. This place has a tempestuous past, but the atmosphere today is definitely serene. The richness here has another dimension and it hides in the overall character of the place. Those who love horses will enjoy the legendary cattle market which is traditionally held in Centingrad on St. Joseph’s day, where they will be able to enjoy watching the carriages and riders on their beautiful horses. Archeologists and speleologists have the privilege to visit the Kuća cave, one of 20 such fortified caves in the Karlovac County, which makes it one of the richest counties in terms of the number of such caves. Being a perfect example of the art of building, these cave forts were built as shelters and fortifications during the battles with the enemies of the local people. Hunters and anglers will enjoy the richness of the fauna of the forests, rivers and streams. Those who like mushrooms will discover that the forested hills around Cetingrad are a real paradise. Need we even mention that this is a natural eco-friendly zone and that the taste of cheese here is totally authentic and so delicious?

Discover the hidden charms and the offer, whether you came here on purpose or just accidentally came across this place, whether you are an archaeologist, a hunter, a vet, an angler, a milkman, a foodie, a speleologist, a farmer, a mushroom hunter or an avid horse lover.

And if you are just trying to shorten your route from Slavonija to the Plitvice Lakes, you will again find yourself in Cetingrad. Don’t just take it for granted, maybe this could be the place where you could finish your lifelong learning and start the ‘school of gonjanje’. The only way to find out what this is all about is to come to Cetingrad.