Krnjak is situated on one of the main Croatian regional roads and has its hidden charms that you won’t be able to discover if you just dash through it on your way to your final destination. Stop for a while, stay, explore this village surrounded by smaller communities scattered over the hilly area, with the Korana river canyon, as well as with the Radonja river and Budačka Rijeka and Trupinjak streams.

Yes, we all need a break from the never-ending daily rush. Sometimes a planned or unplanned detour from the usual route is a luxury we deserve. Krnjak can offer a break from the world, a little escape into the silence of the woods, the sound of water flowing and the possibility to wake up on one of the farming estates where, instead of by your alarm clock, you will be woken by sunrays. If you decide to spend the night in this idyllic atmosphere, you might even be woken by a rooster – this has now become an exotic privilege of those who decide to take a break. Do pay attention to the Krnjak coat of arms – you will see corn and horns on it, so let this tickle your imagination.

Korana and its tributaries offer the tranquility of water, but if you are an angler, you will enjoy the richness and diversity of the various kinds of fish. If you prefer hunting, the mere sight of the wooded hills will make you want to start searching and exploring the richness of the forest fauna. And where there are woods and water, there are mushrooms, too. And if there are mushrooms, there will certainly be many people looking for them. So in autumn these woods can be rather crowded.

And the most interesting world, the one we don’t see very often, is hidden under the Earth’s surface. Here you can visit the cave system of Jopić Cave. As well as all other Croatian caves, this one is also protected. It is almost 7 kilometers long and is among the longest in Croatia. Inside, there is a real labyrinth of subterranean chambers and passages, and on its lowermost level, there is even an entire subterranean river. Sometimes we forget how valuable our karst rivers are to us, no matter whether they flow above or under the surface.

Start exploring. Take some time off. Stop at Krnjak and enjoy. The large billboards inviting you to famous tourist destinations are not always enough for a true break from the everyday stress. The real vacation is expecting you in small communities where the rivers are still flowing freely.