Vojnić, a real paradise for all those who love nature… and some company, too! A good promotional slogan will make you divert your planned route to Vojnić. Crossing the old stone bridge, you will enter the world of intertwined past, of all the periods, and the present, built upon those very foundations. Petrova Gora with its huge monument, the Central Partisan Hospital, the Pauline Monastery archeological site, the King’s Tomb, the Otmić Grad old forts, Klokoča and Krstinje, educational trails, an ornithological park, the mushroom-fest on Muljava…

The old forts around Vojnić, Otmić Grad, Klokoč and Krstinja, are an appropriate introduction to the historical events in this area. They were built between 13th and 16th centuries, and today they are partially preserved stone monuments witnessing the struggles and hard life of the locals of the time. The ruins of the Pauline monastery of St. Peter, on the highest point of Petrova Gora, Mali Petrovac, also originate from that era. The Pauline monks lived there for 300 hundred years and after centuries of struggle moved to the Kamensko monastery in the vicinity of Karlovac.

More recent history will take us to Petrova Gora and the monument from 1981, once a pride of the socialist architecture, today just an abandoned memory left to the mercy of the elements. In memory of the World War II, visit the Central Partisan Hospital, hidden in the dense forest, and with the dugouts, completely under ground, as shelters. The oldest monument on Petrova Gora is the King’s Tomb, marking the place where in 1097 the Croatian king Petar Svačić died.

If you only want to enjoy the nature, take a walk along the educational trails. One of them is also specially adapted to handicapped persons. You can also visit the Petrovac ornithological park, or sit at the Muljava hunting lodge patio and enjoy the blueberry sauce pancakes. Returning to Vojnić, you can check whether the old mills are still working. One of them is on your way from Petrova Gora, while the other is in Vojišnica.

If you are looking for an adrenaline-filled vacation, use your bike, go hunting or hop in and around the playful streams and creeks around Vojnić. And all those who like crowds and socializing should visit the traditional mushroom festival on Muljava.