A walk or a ride through the area surrounding Barilović is likely to leave a deep impression on you, even long after you have returned home. Since the 15 century, Barilović has been described as a place with the perfect living conditions. Life on the river in this karst area has been a blessing for the local people, as well as for tourists. Whether you are a hunter or an angler, an accidental traveler who wants to take a swim in the Korana or Mrežnica rivers, or just an adventure seeker who wants to go kanoeing down the rivers, this is the area that will readily show all its assets.

Barilović has never, throughout its history, been conquered by the enemy! The once famous defense castle is now hidden in the walls of the old town, with a beautiful view of the blue-green, crystal-clear water of the Korana river. While sitting on top of the hill above the river, surrounded by all those gray stones of the castle, you can imagine the scenes that where once playing out inside the stone walls. First, you will hear the mysterious sound of the wind. And the wind knows the story, since it was also there during the times the aristocrats were walking through the courtyard of the old fort, when the horses were taking the famous and brave warriors to battle. Down in the fields, on the other side of the river, people were harvesting the wheat. Merry children were swimming in the Korana river, just like the children love doing today. The Korana has always been there, for those people and for all of us today, with its breathtakingly beautiful travertine barriers, waterfalls and canyons.

Within the Karlovac county, Barilović is the richest area in terms of the number and value of the archaeological sites, hidden in the shades of the trees or still waiting to be discovered, while the old town of Barilović is a registered cultural heritage site open to all visitors. The historical places often inspire us to visit them, and if you happen to visit the Karlovac county, a trip to Barilović is always a great idea. By bike or by car? Cycling to Barilović, some 15 kilometres from Karlovac, is a relaxing trip along the Korana river, with beautiful meadows full of flowers and green forests hiding their secrets. You will discover them yourselves if you just turn from the main road towards the wood called Srnjak, near Siča, and then just have some rest in a – sarcophagus! The historical Roman trading routes that once passed through this area have left their indelible mark and you can still see the forgotten sarcophagi hidden in the woods around Barilović. On the other side of the hill, in a wood, you can visit the Bubi’s cave, a Roman necropolis containing eighteen centuries old bones, while the Vodena jama cave near Siča has been famous since 1888., when tourists started visiting it in carriages from Karlovac. You can still see the torches that were at that time being used to illuminate the cave.

There is another very well-kept secret hidden at the Vražića cave near the Korana river, in the very heart of Barilović. Legend has it that a big white catfish lives in the middle of the cave! Is it just a legend or is there more to it? If you are brave enough to step into the darkness of the cave and go towards the hidden underground lake, you might get a chance to discover the secret for yourself.