Duga Resa is a small town that developed around a major textile factory, but was also known to the ancient Romans who knew how to recognize a prime location. It is situated along the quieter part of the Mrežnica river, which abounds in long leaves of a kind of grass (called resa), after which the town supposedly got its name. Even today, the town’s greatest asset is the Mrežnica, a crystal-clear karst river surrounded by beautiful green banks, rich in travertine barriers and waterfalls that offer wonderful hydromassage opportunities during the summer months.

The walk along the river is always healing, and the sight of the reflection of the Upper Mill on the river’s surface is also the reflection of the old wisdom of the people who were building Duga Resa. Little boats hidden under the willows, surrounded by water lilies, swans, and the long, waving strands of river grass, complete the picture of the town that speaks of quietness and serenity. The park is full of people strolling, the old buildings are a reminder of the past, and for a moment a slightly confused visitor might feel as if the time has stopped. But, have a closer look! You will hear the children playing, the sound of the steps of business people that are always in a hurry and the nervous angler whose bait the clever fish has just eaten, leaving the hook empty. A group of hikers on the river bank is just starting towards Vinica, they are looking forward to climbing the 321 meters tall hill where they are going to have a homemade bean stew for lunch. In the small Šoto gallery, some creative painters are just gathering, and in the local gyms young people are practicing table tennis or volleyball.

Yes, this is a town of athletes and artists, hikers and anglers, a perfect place for an active holiday. The nirvana of the river might dazzle you for a moment, but very soon you might find yourself on a wine road or in a kayak. In summer you will enjoy yourself in the natural jacuzzi on the beach in the Galović Selo or Mrežnički Brig villages, while in autumn you can choose a cycling tour along the travertine waterfalls of the Mrežnica and Dobra rivers. When covered in snow, is there anything more beautiful than the sight of the frozen waterfall, combined with the smell of traditional cooking from the nearby restaurant along the river?

Even the old Romans knew that the river was the source of life, so follow the wisdom of the elders and enjoy Duga Resa. If you know where to look, you will surely find something that has not yet been discovered. Maybe a shell from the bottom of Mrežnica that might still be hiding an old roman coin. Or just the wise silence to be enjoyed as a break from the often too hectic rhythm of everyday life.