When Bernardin Frankopan founded Ogulin in the 16th century, right above the steep canyon of the Dobra river, he couldn’t even imagine that in the end he would partly stay in the shadow of a girl – Đula. The brave Ogulin soldiers fought for centuries, which is a very well known fact due to many preserved archival documents and numerous archaeological finds. And a tragic love which arose amid all that horrible fighting turned the history of battles into a memory of Đula’s tragic fate. The Ogulin abyss was named after her and the rock formation above the abyss reflects the face of her beloved, who is still wondering where she might have disappeared.

Is just one legend not enough to make you visit Ogulin? Then try to find out who that stone figure lying on Klek ever since the times when only gods and giants walked the earth is, and why the Dobra river disappears right under that mountain. Are you looking for an adventure? Then try and spend a stormy night on Klek and maybe you’ll get a chance to join the witches and fairies dancing. You will also be taught how to ride a broom and get a driver’s license for it. And if you want to stay young and beautiful forever, then drink some water from the Cesarovac fountain situated in the town centre. If you are brave enough, you could engage in an adventure of a lifetime and try to climb the 200 meters high rocky Klek peak in which a cave with gold coins is hidden. The problem is that the cave opens just once every hundred years, and the coins are guarded by a girl who was transformed into a snake. The snake, of course, has to be kissed, so that she would again become a beautiful girl. And if you do that, all your problems will be solved and you life will be full of gold coins and love.

Since you are already in the town that is the home of legends and stories, just relax and go with the atmosphere. You can chose between water sports on the Sabljaci lake, or quite demanding alpine climbing trails along the Klek mountain, hiking or cycling, you can explore the 16 kilometers long cave system of Đula-Medvednica, the longest in Croatia, you can go sleighing on Bjelolasica mountain or just visit Ivana’s House of Fairytales or the old Frankopan castle – and leave everything else to imagination.

When you start feeling hungry, the famous Ogulin sauerkraut will replenish all the necessary energy. Also take some home. You will need it, the winters here are long and cold