Žakanje and the natural beauty of its surroundings were discovered some 500 years ago. This is a place to rest and relax along a quiet part of the Kupa river, to go horseback riding through the enchanted forests on the surrounding hills or go swimming near the old mills. All these activities were once the privilege of the aristocracy, while today they are available to all who know how to appreciate them. If you are into hunting or fishing, here you will be able to find whatever suits you best. This part of the Kupa river serves as a natural border with the neighboring Slovenia.

Within the Žakanje area, from Stankovci and all the way to Bubnjarci, the Kupa forms twelve beautiful waterfalls. The larger ones still have the traditional mills that the local people are trying to protect and renovate. You can also opt for a great adventure, depending on the season, sit in a boat and just slowly drift from one waterfall to the other. In spring, when the snow starts to melt and the Kupa starts rushing towards Ozalj, you can have a real adrenaline-filled adventure. In summer, the river’s flow is playful due to many smaller waterfalls where the local people, as well as accidental passers-by, enjoy swimming. In autumn, it becomes magical, covered in mist, with reddish-yellow reflections of leaves on the surface. Don’t forget to stop at the recently renovated surroundings of the waterfalls in Sračak, Pravutina, Mišinci and Bubnjarci.

If you feel like angling, looking for catfish, carps, pikes, chubs, barbels , breams, or any other freshwater fish, then the stretch of the Kupa river between Jurovski Brod and Bubnjarci is the right place for you. If you are a hunter, find the local hunting association and join its members all over the hilly, wooded area around Žakanje. This is also a good place for all those who like looking for mushrooms or chestnuts, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a rider disappearing in the mist on the neighboring hill. He may be real, but also may just be a part of your imagination. Whatever the case, just enjoy the scene.

If you can’t find a boat, get on your bike. You will pass through villages with traditional architecture, next to the Pobijenka chapel, famous as the site of a huge battle with the Turks, through the places where the castles surrounded by beautiful parks and estates of noblemen who cherished the values of this area once stood.

And don’t forget to greet the storks that you will see in their nests on tall wooden posts. They, too, appreciate the peaceful atmosphere of Žakanje.