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Horseback riding

Horseback riding in horse club „Karlovac“ is taking place in green oasis beside the river Korana. Club performs horseback riding therapy for persons with diminished body and / or mentally abilities. HC „Fany“ in Vukmanic Cerovec promotes horseback riding as a sport and returning to nature and also promotes healthy life. You can also try riding in a carriage and try some delicious home made food. Learn how to horseback ride is possible in Jelov Klanac ranch, not far away from Rakovica, managed by Iris Croatica and HC „Equs croaticus“.

Quad – Paintball – Archery

Paintball has many fans in Karlovac County with excellent „war fields“ for this amazing group game or team building, relaxing from physical and mental tension. In Novak Lipnicki by Ribnik, besides polygon for paintball with nature hideouts, to guests are on disposition playgrounds for little football, basketball, badminton, volleyball, hanging bowling and playground for children. Paintball polygons near Slunj have school for paintball, in case of bad weather „war“ can be played in the hall. Slunj surroundings call for bicycle rides on bicycle tracks, Nordic walking and driving a quad vehicle.

Hunting and photo safari

Forests are priceless wealth of Karlovac County. Woods and hunting areas are being controlled by Croatian woods and local hunting associations. In Karlovac County you can still see rare animal in Europe, to which legends and hunting stories are connected.
Brown bear, wolf and lynx live in forests of Kapela and are a very important part of biodiversity. Their hunting is strictly controlled; wolf and lynx are protected species. County is rich with foxes, deer, rabbits, wild boars, quails, pheasants…


Karlovac County is among favorite and attractive destinations for fishing tourism in Croatia. The richness of clear water is awarded with a large number of fishes. You are invited to respect hunting quota and to protect endangered fish species.
Sumbar, just near at Karlovac is favorite place for fishermen, where carps, gras carp, pikes, catfishes, perch and white fishes swim in it. Biggest river in Karlovac, Kupa is filled with those and other fishes. Dobra is good for fishing white fish. Fishing on Mreznica is memorable adventure because of many waterfalls, rapids on river and islands.

Rafting – Kanuing

Dobra, after plunging in Ogulin sources by the village Gojak, stronger with water from Zagorska Mreznica makes this route exciting. Getting down to the bridge in Trosmarija is a challenge for all wild water lovers and culmination of adventure under supervised eye of skipper is to come down the biggest waterfall Buk.


River Korana in Karlovac, during summer can have 24 °C or even more and there is a saying: Korana makes the will of men stronger and invigorates woman beauty“. Fogin bath place is the most beautiful river beach in Croatia. What a pleasure it is to swimm in Korana and to be on bathing place in Slunj, where „Koranski susreti“ games take place. On Dobra, swimming is beautiful beside the waterfalls in Lipa, Jarce polje, Grdunac… Kupa is fresh during summer and favorite bathing places are in Vukova Gorica, Prilisce, Ozalj…


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