River Korana in Karlovac, during summer can have 24 °C or even more and there is a saying: Korana makes the will of men stronger and invigorates woman beauty“. Fogin bath place is the most beautiful river beach in Croatia. What a pleasure it is to swimm in Korana and to be on bathing place in Slunj, where „Koranski susreti“ games take place.

On Dobra, swimming is beautiful beside the waterfalls in Lipa, Jarce polje, Grdunac… Kupa is fresh during summer and favorite bathing places are in Vukova Gorica, Prilisce, Ozalj…

Mreznica is blue green beauty; from Primisalj to Karlovac are many beautiful bathing places, commonly beside waterfalls and millstones.
Pleasure is also to swim in Ogulin sea as they call lake Sabljaci, where „Lake games“  are being held during summer. Specialty of Karlovac county are spa Lesce, on of the healthiest thermal springs of Croatia, with open door pool (28-30 °C), located just beside river Dobra coast.

Locations of bathing-places

River Korana

  • City Bath Karlovac
  • City Bath  Slunj
  • Bathing place Korana – Rakovica
  • Bathing place Korana – Barilović


River KUPA

  • Bathing place Ozalj
  • Bathing place Brlog grad – Kamanje
  • Bathing place Bubnjarci – Žakanje
  • Bathing place Jurovo – Jurovski brod
  • Bathing place Prilišće


  • Bathing place Mrežnički brig
  • Bathing place Galović selo
  • Bathing place Donji Zvečaj
  • Bathing place Naselje Osor
  • Bathing place Generalski Stol
  • Bathing place Mala Švarča
  • Bathing place Mihalić selo
  • Bathing place Duga Resa
  • Bathing place Vrela Mrežnice – Primišljaj
  • Bathing place – Korana – Barilović


  • Bathing place Jarče polje
  • Bathing place Novigrad na Dobri
  • Bathing place Stative – krvavi mlin

Other bathing place

  • Toplice LEŠĆE – Generalski Stol
  • Lake SABLJACI – Ogulin