Karlovac County offers various possibilities for your active holiday on a bicycle. If you wish to get acquainted with its beauties and sights, you have almost 700 kilometres of bike routes at your disposal. You can explore all corners of the county by turning pedals, as well as of low-lying Pokuplje, valleys of four Karlovac rivers, rolling karst plateau of Kordun and mountain area of Žumberak massif, Petrova gora (Peter’s mountain) and Gorski kotar (Mountain district).

Each cyclotourist, no matter if using bike from time to time or being a professional cyclist, shall find a route appropriate for his/her physical conditions and bike properties: cycling tours are from 30 to 100 meters long, having height differences between the lowest and the highest points of only 25 up to 580 meters. Routes are mainly accompanied by local roads with less traffic and they pass by beautiful landscapes and embrace valuable cultural and historical heritage.

Each route offers a special experience: some of them follow picturesque valleys of the rivers Kupa, Korana, Mrežnica or Dobra, other shores of lakes Sabljaci or Draganićki ribnjaci (Draganić’s fishponds), others move up the wooded hillsides and meadowy glades of Kapela and Klek, Sveta Gera and Lović Prekriški, Vince and Piramida at Draganić. Some of the routes pass through protected areas of National Park Plitvička Jezera (Plitvice Lakes) and Nature Park Žumberak – Samoborsko gorje (Samobor Mountains).

While enjoying a pleasant drive, you can take a bicycle tour around a Renaissance historical core of Karlovac, medieval ruins of castle Dubovac, Novigrad na Dobri, Ozalj, Bosiljevo, Tounj, Modruš, Ogulin, Slunj, Drežnik and Cetingrad, numerous curiae, churches and chapels. You will also cross ancient stone bridges over the Dobra, Mrežnica, Toučnjica and pass by renovated mills Rastoke on Slunjčica Falls.

Gastronomic offer along routes is quite rich, from food selection in numerous restaurants to accommodation in hotels, motels, camps and at families renting rooms. There are many shops and bike services, and hospitality and accommodating attitude of hosts is an additional invitation to come and experience Karlovac County as a cyclotourist. Welcome, and have a pleasant rid through our region on your two-wheeled pet!

Length of county cyclotourist routes

11 county bicycle routes totaling 661 km

web: cyclingadventure.net

Length of local cyclotourist routes

Duga Resa 6 routes 70 km

Rakovica 4 routes 66 km

Bike rental service providers

Plitvice bike and bed

Adresa: Rakovica 77, Rakovica
Web: www.facebook.com/plitvicebikeandbed


Bike services


Address: Banija 45, Karlovac

Golf Aurora

Address: Gornje Mrzlo polje 39,Duga Resa


Address: Banija 17, Karlovac

Marko Zorić

Address: B. Frankopana 2,Ogulin

Metalia Karlovac

Address: Pavla Vitrezovića 10, Karlovac

Golf Aurora

Address: Miroslava Krleže, Karlovac