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Explore the Plitvice Valleys

Just a few kilometres from the world-renowned Plitvice Lakes national park, near its northern entrance, you'll find Rakovica municipality and its Plitvice Valleys. The whole area is well-known for its natural beauty and redolent of a rich past. Explore the...

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The Strudel Week – Let’s visit the ŠtrudlaFest

The Karlovac County cuisine is rich and varied. Its combinations are the fruits of this fertile land and the hard work of the skilled people and are also an excellent form of the real experience of the whole area. The strudel, one of the best-known...

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Karlovac County and its History: The Top 5 Attractions

Karlovac County is among those tourist destinations that are famous for their beautiful nature, cultural heritage, tradition and rich history. In addition to swimming, active vacationing and some of the many events, you can start exploring its history....

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Hiking or Nordic Walking?

Thanks to its natural surroundings and location, the Karlovac County area is ideal for numerous and diverse activities. For those who do not want to use any type of vehicles while exploring the area's beauty and hidden gems, there's some good news: both...

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Hunting, Angling and more in Karlovac County

Karlovac County is ideal for many diverse activities. Some of them have more fans, some less, but the fact is everyone can find something they're keen on. The area is unique thanks to various hunting grounds and possibilities, and we recommend three main...

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