The confluence area of the four local rivers – the Korana, Kupa, Mrežnica and Dobra – features the town with a unique historic core, a former six-pointed star fortress. It is located in the narrowest part of continental Croatia, adorned with lush greenery, beautiful parks, rich history, and numerous attractions to fill up one’s whole vacation. So, here’s the 48-hour plan that’ll make you want to stay for a few more days!

Take a Walk to Dubovac 

Having arrived to the town, and after taking a walk through the historic old town, and some coffee in the town centre, climb the hill above the Kupa, with the proud Dubovac Castle on top of it. This historic site used to be a defensive fort, while today it attracts tourists and hikers. The spot offers attractive views of the surroundings, but this is also a place where you can learn a lot about the castle’s history. From July 20 to July 22, the International Ethno Jazz Festival is being held there, this time in its 12th edition.

Have Fun with the Fish

Spend the afternoon at the Aquatika freshwater aquarium. You’ll find more than a hundred species in the aquarium settings mimicking their natural habitats. Walking around the aquarium, you’ll learn all about the abundant river flora and fauna. Is there a better place to get familiar with such things than Karlovac, the town on four rivers. But, before the adventure, boost your energy and have some refreshments at one of the local restaurants. If you’d like to try some traditional dishes, visit the establishments marked Trad. food spot and enjoy the home-made ingredients and recipes. In the evening, walk around the town along a promenade and renew your energy for the next day. 

Get to Know Karlovac on Two Wheels

Your schedule for the second day also includes an active morning! Karlovac County is one of the most notable cycling destinations, and Karlovac itself is a great starting point for many routes. Apart from the fact that you can rent a bike there, you can choose one of the cycling routes or trails taking you through surrounding places and other towns and villages in the county. After a cycling adventure, do not forget the plentiful gastronomic offer of the town and the county, and discover some of the traditional dishes at restaurants marked Trad. food spot. 

Cool off in the Korana River

If you get hot while cycling, you can cool off at one of the most beautiful river beaches in the county. The Foginovo beach is waiting with many amenities, recreation and entertainment possibilities, and all that can be supplemented with Karlovac’s fifth river – its local beer. 

Enjoy the River from the Grain Boat 

After you have relaxed and had some lunch, we recommend you to enjoy the grain boat that’ll take you along the Kupa river. It is an authentic boat constructed the way such boats were built and used on the Kupa in the 18th century. The starting point is the Brođani village, some 15 km from Karlovac, and the ride is going to serve as an excellent opportunity to summarise your 2-day experiences, which could prompt you to wish for at least two more days in Karlovac. All the relevant information can be found here. 

Apart from the International Ethno Jazz Festival we have already mentioned, you also can get to know Karlovac through various summer events. Did you know that this year Karlovac celebrates its 439th birthday? Yes, on July 13, a Birthday Ball is going to be held at the old town’s central square, while there are also many events scheduled for the period between June 23 and the central festivities on July 13. The whole series of events is known as the  Karlovac culture encounters.

If you’d like to see a film on a bank river, watch for the traditional River Cinema, held in Karlovac, but also in other parts of the county, from July 15 to August 8, 2018. More on the schedule here.