Cycling fans will agree that there are places where one can pedal faster, regardless of the wind, which is there probably most of the time. An example of such areas, where all visitors enjoy exploring some aspect of life, especially using this method (best of all!), is Karlovac County, too. You’ll never forget its woods, hills, level and sloping stretches, rivers and creeks…

The Plitvice Valleys Region 

The best way to explore Rakovica, one of the most attractive destinations of Croatia’s inland, is by bicycles. The fresh forest air will fill your lungs all the way to the Plitvice Lakes national park, while the winding wood roads are going to witness your real little adventure. Apart from the fact that you can visit both the national park and the Rastoke milling settlement by bicycle, you can also choose one of the official cycling routes. They’ll take you through a colourful scenery, lush green woods, fragrant meadows… but also to the rich gastronomic offer and amicable hosts. 

In addition to your cycling adventures, this enchanting valley offers horseback riding at the Jelenov Klanac ranch, rock climbing at Gajina pećina, in Selište Drežničko, or one of the river adventures. The Barać caves, a natural phenomenon formed over millions of years, are particularly impressing. You can also visit the Drežnik Castle tower, from the 11th century. You won’t be sorry you opted for some of the approximately 65 km of cycling trails in this area

The Rastoke Rhapsody as an Overture 

The Slunj area is rich in natural beauty and the starting point of all the routes and trails is Rastoke, the pearl of this lush region. Formed by nature’s imagination and play, it is an idyllic starting point, but also the final destination of many cycling adventures. The harmony of historic, ethnographic and architectural cultural heritage is supplemented by the green river islands and rocks, and intertwined with fairy legends. A total of 110 km routes consists of low traffic density roads, so you can relax and safely enjoy your ride in the peace and quiet of the pristine nature of the Slunj area. Choose one of the 7 cycling routes and start exploring and enjoying the area. 

Around Ozalj i Žumberak

The Ozalj area features a number of scattered villages, while the town centre boasts the old Zrinski-Frankopan Castle, as Ozalj’s symbol. The green valleys and hills surrounding this unusual building are interspersed with dense woods, green meadows, very fertile vineyards and locals’ homes and farms. Explore at least some of the 7 cycling routes. 

Leaving Ozalj, head to the Žumberak nature park, with over 200 km of marked cycling routes. The long-distance circular routes will take you along the Kupa and Dobra rivers, along the paved and unpaved roads and a number of bridges. 

The Frankopans Routes

The Karlovac and Duga Resa areas offer 8 cycling routes with around 150 km of cycling trails. One of the best-known ones has an interesting name and will take you around the aristocratic Frankopan family estates. This 27 km long route will take you to the historic Karolina road, the first modern road connecting Karlovac to the Adriatic Sea. It will also take you to Novigrad na Dobri and its beautiful stone bridge. You’ll also cycle above a Zagreb-Split highway tunnel and thus come to another gem, the historic Lujzijana road. You’ll get a chance to see the Dubovac Castle, a fortress on a hill that was already inhabited during the Bronze Age. The Castle’s most important owners were the Frankopans and the Zrinskis, while its highest tower, serving also as an observation platform, contains an interesting collection of local artefacts and memorabilia. The end of the route will take you to your starting point, Novi centar, one of the most modern parts of Karlovac. 

Wherever you go, you’ll inhale bits of history or pristine nature, refreshing local gastronomy and the tastes of wine-growing hills. In short, here you will certainly get to satisfy all your needs and also be able to organise some unforgettable cycling trips.