Thanks to its natural surroundings and location, the Karlovac County area is ideal for numerous and diverse activities. For those who do not want to use any type of vehicles while exploring the area’s beauty and hidden gems, there’s some good news: both Nordic walking and hiking are the perfect options for exploration, recreation and great fun.

No Less than 18 Marked Nordic Walking trails 

If you choose one of the 18 trails in Karlovac, Duga Resa, Slunj, Ribnik and along the Mrežnica river, you’ll get a chance to make some unforgettable photos, as well as learn something about the region’s nature. We recommend the 6 km Mrežnica route, following the banks of the popular Mrežnica river from Duga Resa to Mrežnički Brig, including the three bridges over the river. It is a great option for some relaxation, recreation, swimming and enjoying the river and its banks. 

All experts strongly recommend this activity, as it ensures a number of overall benefits. In addition to being in the open air, using the walking poles is good for your joints, as it activates a number of muscles and increases calorie burning. 

Other towns also have Nordic walking trails. You can discover Slunj and the Rastoke Rhapsody along the eponymous route, but also on some other trails, while in Ribnik you’ll also find a number of interesting routes. 

The Karlovac Bypass

The so-called Karlovac bypass is also an excellent place for Nordic walking. It takes you along the eastern, central and western Žumberak areas, connecting the mountaineer lodges on Mt. Žumberak. It was marked and opened a long time ago, in 1958. Although at the beginning it was 65 km long, due to the efforts to avoid the unpopular paved stretches, it was shortened to 51 km. You can reach one of the checkpoints from several directions, so choose your stretch of the trail and go for the challenge of Nordic walking or hiking, following the trail markings or the KO designation. More information on the Dubovac Mountaineering Association website. 

For Heights Lovers

The Karlovac area is ideal for various mountaineering experiences. Explore Mt. Bjelolasica and by all means visit Bijele stijene and Samarske stijene, the most challenging hiking and mountaineering oasis famous for its natural limestone formations. If you prefer less demanding trails, visit the Žumberak-Samoborsko gorje area and its tallest peak, Sv. Gera, at 1178 m above sea level. Mt. Klek is also an important destination. It is the trademark of Croatian mountaineering and overlooks Ogulin, its outline reminding one of a sleeping stone giant. Its eak is at 1181 above sea level, Mt. Bjelolasica at 1534, Bijele stijene ad 1335 and Samarske stijene at 1302 m above sea level. Taking care of your safety will be the hardworking members of Ogulin’s Klek Croatian Mountaineering Club. For more information contact the club. 

Good to know!

Always bear in mind you must be very careful. Before you start your trip, leave the basic information (where you are going, which way you are taking, your final destination…) with someone at the mountaineer lodge. We advise you to avoid hiking and climbing alone and to be sure to charge your cell (mobile) phone battery. And what’s most important: have a good time!