Karlovac County is among those tourist destinations that are famous for their beautiful nature, cultural heritage, tradition and rich history. In addition to swimming, active vacationing and some of the many events, you can start exploring its history. You’ll learn a lot, but it’ll also be fun!

1. The Ozalj Castle

With its Baroque look and long history, on a cliff above the Kupa river, among the wooded hills, stands the Ozalj Castle. In the town that was founded in 1244 and was home to famous people such as Slava Raškaj, Fran Krsto Frankopan and the Zrinski family, the Castle now has a prominent place. It is an unavoidable part of all the Ozalj postcards, just like the Munjara hydropower plant and the local heritage museum.

2. Dubovac

The oldest Karlovac historical monument used to be a defence fortress, while today it is very popular with hikers, tourists and casual visitors. It was named after the oak woods surrounding it on a hill overlooking the Kupa river. It was first mentioned in 1339  and many Croatia’s aristocratic families took turns as its masters. Assuring the complete historical experience of the place, the Dubovac Feudal Fair takes place every May in and around the castle. Numerous interesting performances and workshops transport the visitors directly into the 15th or 16th centuries.

3. The Homeland War Museum

In the Karlovac suburb of Turanj, where Croatian defenders thwarted many enemy attempts to conquer the town, the remains of an old Austrian barracks complex are located. Fans of history and military exhibits will enjoy discovering and exploring the buildings destroyed during the Homeland War (or the Croatian War of Independence), as well as the weapons, military equipment and vehicles collections. It is an open-air museum, so you’re welcome 24 hours a day!

4. Rastoke – the Old Watermills

Wonderful natural formations, almost on a par with Plitvice Lakes, just on a smaller scale, can be seen in the milling settlement of Rastoke. In contrast to the nearby Plitvice (only 30 km away), this is where the lush greenery has been intertwined with a small community of millers and their watermills. Some of them are still functional, while the milling tradition, grinding the grains into flour, has been connected to numerous fairy legends. Do visit and find out more for yourself.

5. The Frankopan Castle in Ogulin

Well-known as a fairy tales centre, Ogulin was founded by Bernardin Frankopan, who built the Castle overlooking the Dobra river canyon in the 16th century. Today, the castle houses a local museum with archaeological, ethnographic, and weapons collections, as well as a memorial hall dedicated to Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić, a mountaineering collection, paintings by Stjepan Galetić, and a Croatian War of Independence collection.