Planning a vacation with your family, friends or your partner? Karlovac County is an ideal inland destination for a summer vacation. A number of cultural and natural attractions, a host of activities you can try in one place, all accompanied by the freshness of the four rivers you can dip into at any moment to cool down… all that will make your vacation unforgettable. 

1. Swimming in the Mrežnica river

When it comes to swimming and various other activities, the Mrežnica may be the most popular among the famous four rivers. Before you leave an air-conditioned room, do not forget that the high temperatures have been with us for a while and find out the locations on the Mrežnica that will guarantee a refreshment. Bosiljevac, Galović Selo, Duga Resa, Zvečaj, Mrežnički Brig, Otok ljubavi and Vesela livada are true gems for swimmers, places where you can enjoy the clean water of this river. 

2. The joys of Ozalj

Something’s always happening in Ozalj, and you can follow all the latest information on their FB page, which is always up to date. A very popular attraction, the Rumobil trains, allows you to reach Ozalj and its events by a direct train from Zagreb or Karlovac. By train to and from Ozalj, by car, by bike or on foot… See a concert, swim in the Kupa river or visit a wine road – it’s up to you.

The only important thing is for you to leisurely discover the attraction of all the joys of Ozalj.

3. Exploring the Rastoke and swimming in the Slunjčica

They also call it the Little Plitvice Lakes: Rastoke is a unique and beautiful milling settlement, only 30 km from the ‘real’ Plitvice Lakes. Regardless of the high air temperatures, a walk among the houses with watery yards is going to cool down both your body and your mind. The calming gurgle of the Slunjčica and its cascades can be complemented by new insights about the milling process as well as about various Rastoke legends. Swimming in the idyllic waters is also an unforgettable experience.

4. Find some shade at the Karlovac freshwater aquarium 

In Karlovac, you’ll find some shade in the only freshwater aquarium in Croatia. There, you’ll see and get to know a lot about more than a 100 different freshwater fish species, depicting the world of rivers, ponds and marshes of the Karlovac County. The key information can be found on the Aquarium official pages. 

5. Visit one of the Vivodina wine cellars 

Each of these spots offers a chance for refreshment, and the same holds true for this one, too. Refresh your palate with wine from one of the famous Vivodina cellars. The Ozalj-Vivodina wine road stretches for 30 km and takes you to the beautiful scenery of rolling hills full of vineyards. Most owners will gladly be your host, so seize the opportunity to taste the gastronomic offer. Take a look at the list of places where you can taste the produce of this area. 

The Karlovac County offers a host of possibilities for your summer there, and we have presented some of the refreshing examples. For all the other opportunities, visit