Summers are made for swimming and wherever you are, it is simply what you need to do to survive the heat. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to swim in the sea, lakes, rivers or swimming pools – the only important thing is for you to cool down! One of the most attractive summer activities is swimming in a river. Rivers are usually cool, clean because of their constant flow, and when you can choose among four beautiful rivers in one place, you know you’ve come to the right place for your summer vacation. This is the case in Karlovac County, where all of the four rivers have excellent river beaches.

1. The Most Notable Karlovac Beach

The most popular Korana beach is located practically in Karlovac’s centre. It has received two prestigious tourist awards, the Green Flower (‘Zeleni cvijet’) and the Tourist Flower (‘Turistički cvijet’). Visitors in need of some rest, relaxation, entertainment and healthy activities like to come there. In the 19th century the therapeutic properties of the Korana river were proven, while today it also attracts those in search of some fun activities. There, you’ll find a bocce court, a beach volleyball court, pendulum bowling, exercise equipment and a water polo court, and the beach is also accessible to people with disabilities. Apart from that, numerous summer events are organised regularly there, most notably the River Cinema. 

2. The Pearl of Ozalj 

Along the Kupa river, one of the hallmarks of Ozalj, an idyllic town that once belonged to the aristocratic families of the Zrinskis and the Frankopans, you can enjoy the beach at the foot of the Munjara hydropower plant. In addition to the more humble wooden pontoon, volleyball court, changing stalls, hammocks, benches and barbecues, one of the more attractive features are the summer events called Ozalj Summers. Various concerts, an open air cinema, different projects and workshops are going to supplement your enjoyment of swimming in the cool Kupa. 

3. Along the Mrežnica River

From Duga Resa to Mrežnički Brig, all along the banks, you’ll find a number of idyllic river beaches. One of the most beautiful rivers of the limestone karst areas, rich in tufa terraces and cascades, the beach gems of Bosiljevac, Galović Selo, Duga Resa town beach, Zvečaj, Otok ljubavi and Vesela livada, spots where you can enjoy the sun and the clean Mrežnica waters. This is a great choice for an informal and relaxing, but also adventurous vacation, for the popular activities of kayaking and rafting. The Slapić campground offers all that in one place. It has been singled out as the best inland campground in Croatia several times. See for yourselves.

4. The Dobra beach

Grdun is one of the better-known beaches on the fourth river, the Dobra. It is a nice dedicated spot on the bank, featuring volleyball and football courts. The area is dominated by a wooden bridge, an old watermill and a large river cascade. In view of the fact that the water is somewhat colder due to the hydroelectric power plant, a nice alternative can be the Jarče Polje river beach, near the Dobra Motel. There, you’ll find everything in one place: great accommodation, a restaurant with a river view and, the most important thing of all, a place to swim in the river.