The beautiful Karlovac County rivers are a great source of refreshment during the hot summer days, and the river beaches with many amenities along the four rivers will complete your enjoyment. Apart from swimming in the rivers and basking in the sun on their banks, the Korana, Kupa and Mrežnica are great for exciting adventures, such as rafting, canoeing and kayaking.

A True River Adventure: Rafting

If you’d like to explore the magic of the wild, untamed Mrežnica in the vicinity of Slunj, try rafting on the Mrežnica, its cascades and waterfalls. The upper course of the Mrežnica offers 26 tufa barriers and cascades and enables you to see the second largest Mrežnica waterfall – Milkovića slap – which is certainly more than impressive. Groups can vary from 4 to 30 members.

Rafting on the Mrežnica is always interesting in its lower course, too, on the stretch from Generalski Stol to Zvečaj. Navigating the cascades and swimming in the clear and warm river, are a part of its attraction. The professional rafting boats can seat up to 10 persons and have a licensed skipper. The ride lasts 2.5 to 3 hours with a number of shorter stops you can use to rest and swim. 

Visit Aquatika, the Freshwater Aquarium, by Boat

The Rafting mouth to mouth program will take you for an unforgettable adventure through the very centre of Karlovac. The starting point is in Turanj, at the site of the Homeland War Museum, from where you’ll come to the confluence of the Mrežnica and Korana rivers and start your rafting adventure. After the first exciting cascade, you’ll reach the Foginovo river beach, where you can take a swim or test your courage at the 10 m diving platform. After a few more cascades, you’ll reach the Aquatika freshwater aquarium, where you can see more than a hundred species of freshwater fish and other creatures from the Karlovac rivers. A true river adventure!

A Game for Two: kayaking along the river

Apart from rafting, the Mrežnica is ideal for kayaking, too. It is easy to find the offer for two adults and a child in a single kayak. Kayaks are very stable and easy to use, the users are always safe, so there’s no reason to worry. 

The offer on the Korana river includes a unique kayaking safari, helping you to get to know this river in all its beauty. 


Canoes are also suitable for enjoying the Mrežnica and they can seat two adults and a child. A group, depending on its size, can have one or two experienced guides. The tranquil waters of the Kupa river are also ideal for canoeing adventures and exploration. The starting point is in Žakanje, and the ride in 2- or 3-seat canoes takes you some 4 km up the river, to the village of Sračak. One needs to carry the canoes over the cascades – an additional way to exercise! Going back down the river is going to be easier, as it is going to carry you effortlessly past all its beautiful features.

Many people come to the four rivers looking for some unforgettable fun, so here you’ll see families, groups of friends and even groups that have come here for organised team building activities. For any of the activities, it is recommendable to take a swimsuit, a towel, some dry shoes and clothes, as well as some sunscreen. A list of agencies offering such activities and programs can be found here.