With its magical greenery, clean environment and the four rivers, Karlovac County is an ideal destination for many activities, as well as for high-quality vacationing. Along with the varied offer of standard accommodation, such as hotels and apartments for rent, this area of lush nature also offers an interesting choice of some of Croatia’s best campgrounds. They are located near the most attractive tourist spots of the county, and are an excellent choice if you want to have some rest both for your mind and your body.

Along the Gurgling Cascades

One of the legendary campgrounds in Karlovac County proudly offers the idyllic atmosphere created by numerous cascades and river islands. The sounds and coolness of the Mrežnica are accompanied by high-quality wooden tents, mobile homes or tents and campers. In addition to the idyllic surroundings and high capacity (300), the Slapić campground in Duga Resa is well-known for its full service, excellent facilities and numerous amenities, offering its visitors everything in one place.

The Plitvice Valleys Paradise

The legendary Plitvice Valleys area, in Rakovica municipality, has several campgrounds. If you plan to explore the Plitivice Lakes, Rastoke or the Barać caves, consider the Turist campground in Grabovac, also in the Rakovica municpality. Cycling, hiking, trekking, angling, zip-line, riding and water sports… all that on offer in the vicinity of the camp, with three national parks within easy reach, too: the Plitvice Lakes, Paklenica and Northern Velebit.

In Rakovica, you’ll also find a campground at the Korana river canyon, the Korana campground. The area of 35 ha accommodates around 2500 visitors in mobile homes, RVs or tents. It also has 47 cabins, and the complex has all one needs for a carefree vacation: a restaurant, a shop, a barbecuing area and a café with a large patio. 

Vacation like Robinson Crusoe

If you feel like escaping the everyday hustle and bustle, opt for the Robinson Crusoe style vacation. No electricity, no appliances, no gadgets… that is the  Leskar campground in Gornji Zvečaj, where you can trade your stress for the enjoyment of pure nature. It is located on the Mrežnica bank, enabling you to take a dip any time you want, to cool down or enjoy the tranquil sounds of the river itself or of the nearby cascades. The rich flora and fauna in the area are going to complete your experience and you can always take along your best furry friends, too. There’s a similar campground very close to this one, it is called Sound and Vision, and as its main activities it offers swimming in the Mrežnica, reading or dozing off in hammocks, gazinig at the starry sky and romantic evenings around a bonfire. Whenever you feel like returning to civilisation, at least for a while, you’re 40 km from Ogulin and just 20 km from Karlovac.

The Ogulin area

The Sabljaci campgorund, just 4 km from Ogulin’s centre, offer 18 complete camping lots and 8 campsites, each of 50 m², with all the amenities. If you are looking for an active vacation, opt for cycling, swimming in the Sabljaci lake, hiking, tasting the local dishes and exploring the fairy tale capital of Croatia. 

A more intimate atmosphere

At the Medvjed-Bear campground in Selište Drežničko, you can pick apples, pears, plums and cherries for free, and visitors can use the shuttle taking them to the Plitvice Lakes and back.

For a more intimate atmosphere, there’s a small family campground just 8 km from the Plitvice national park, in the village of Grabovac. Due to its limited capacity, it is the very opposite of large and crowded campgrounds. If you like this kind of atmosphere, consider visiting Kampiralište Korita.

The smallest Karlovac County campground is called Radonja, 10 km from Karlovac, accommodating a maximum of 25 guests, so it is ideal for a more intimate atmosphere, too. 

For more on the ample and diverse camping offer in Karlovac County, take a look here.