Karlovac County is ideal for many diverse activities. Some of them have more fans, some less, but the fact is everyone can find something they’re keen on. The area is unique thanks to various hunting grounds and possibilities, and we recommend three main areas of activities.

Rabbits, Wild Ducks and Quails

Hunting lovers are bound to enjoy Karlovac County, as all the hunting grounds are rife with their prey. Observing the rules of local hunting associations, watch for foxes, deer, rabbits, boars, ducks, quails, pheasants, wild pigeons… Keep in mind there are protected species here, too, like brown bears, wolves and lynx. Look for the Muljava hunting lodge, where you can try the excellent delicacies made of game meat, mushrooms and various berries. 


Is there a better place to angle than in Karlovac County? The tranquil and clean waters abound in different species of fish. Some of them are protected, so you must be careful. For instance, should you catch a carp or a white amur in the Šambar Lake, return it in the water unharmed. In the Kupa river, you can try angling from a wooden boat. Lots of different fish can be found in the Slunjčica, Korana and Mrežnica, as well as in many gravel pit lakes and fishponds. Other best known species in the area are pikes, catfish, perch, and zander, and you’ll find most of them in the Kupa river.

Photo Safari

This is a slightly unusual form of hunting, the so-called photo safari. In this modern age of social networks, it is becoming more and more important to take a perfect photo, especially if you are an influencer. All jokes aside, to all those who love quality photography and are looking for some inspiration, we recommend a photo adventure in Karlovac County woods and along its river banks. Look for the hunting grounds Crni vrh and Debeli vrh, and the fallow deer farm in Krnjak. You’ll be able to take photos of many species of wild animals there. Of course, do not forget to take a selfie with your new friends from nature. 

But, do not forget: you need a valid licence both for hunting and for angling. In case of photo safaris, on the other hand, and if you do not mind another little joke, it would be advisable to have a camera.