Generalski Stol got its name exactly the way you have imagined. This is the place where once stood the table (stol means table in Croatian) around which the generals decided upon the matters of justice during the turbulent times of wars in this area. Once called Lipovac (lipa is linden tree in Croatian) because of the beautiful linden trees that grew there, Generalski Stol was permanently marked by this military presence. And the reason to visit this area might be the sarcophagi which you will see in Mateško Selo or the thermal waters of the Lešće spa.

The merriest time to visit the village is during the carnival season. Even if you didn’t plan to stop here, don’t be surprised if you get stopped in the middle of the road by a policewoman on her horse, or even by the most important ancient Slavic god himself, since this is, after all, the area where the linden tree, the sacred tree of the ancient Slavs grows.

The centre of Generalski Stol is the historic nucleus of the entire area, with an interesting church built in the ‘wrong’ direction. While building the church, the ancient builders modified its plan in accordance with the surrounding terrain, so that the entrance of this catholic church is in the east and the altar in the west. One of the houses in the village centre was built by a craftsman who worked on the Taj Mahal. It also contains an ethnological collection, reflecting the times when it housed an inn, a dormitory and the stables where travelers could exchange their horses. Today, the kindergarten occupies the space of a former gendarmerie, while on the rectory roof you can still see the gutters that once used to bring rainwater for the horses to drink.

If you decide to visit and relax at the Lešće spa, you will pass the bridge over the Globornica river. The bridge is a bit unusual, because of its S-shape, and the legend has it that its builder was so very much in love with a beautiful girl named Slavica that he built the bridge in her honour. Even the ancient Romans enjoyed the Lešće spa and its thermal waters, so why not follow suit? When you come to Lešće, take a stroll through the park surrounding the spa, a real gem of the landscaping art.

It is also a good idea to visit the nearby church of Sv. Juraj (St. George), the oldest in the area, almost entirely built from the stone sarcophagi from Roman times. The foundations of the church were made from the sarcophagi lids, while the sarcophagi themselves were used as the cornerstones of the church, all the way up to the roof.

Also, don’t forget the Mrežnica river! In the Generalski Stol area you will find as many as 22 waterfalls