A small mountain community, Saborsko is one of the longest settlements in Croatia. It’s one quarter is situated in the Plitvička jezera National Park, while its surroundings are heavily forested. One of the unique features of the area is the Čorkova uvala virgin forest. Whether you’re cycling or just walking, enjoy the views: all those meadows, creeks and an unusual lake that is there only at certain times. If you come in autumn it will be there, while during the summer you will be walking along a meadow, wondering where the Blaćansko lake waters are.

In historical terms, Saborsko was first mentioned some 500 years ago, in the Modruš Statutes, as Zaborsko. From that time until our days, the timeline of the Saborsko inhabitants is rather unique. Today, the interesting history is reflected, discreetly, in visiting the old churches or in simple strolls to the nearby hill. There, an imaginative visitor will easily envision an endless series of images, depictions of a hard and interesting struggle to survive in this area. In the words of a contemporary chronicler: “Everything is the same in Saborsko, just as it used to be yesterday. No hill has moved, no tree has started to walk…” The tranquility and bliss of this small community is a healing escape from the everyday rush and bustle.

That is why we recommend a meditative walk to the Čokova uvala forest, a virgin area of centuries old beech and fir trees within the national park boundaries. There, you can get to know the rich flora and fauna of a mountain meadow, enjoy the gurgling of the creeks and streams. A very special story you have to experience is the Blaćansko lake, also known as the Begovac Blata, one of the rare estavelle lakes in the world. The lake appears and disappears, depending on the season. It is a typical karst form that looks like a headwater during the times of abundant waters, while during the drought periods it becomes a chasm. That is why this lake’s waters flow in two directions: withdrawing underground in summer and resurfacing in autumn. There are only a few dozen such lakes in the world, so do not miss the opportunity to see this Saborsko gem.

The nature of the Saborsko area is attractive in all seasons, to photographers, hikers, cyclists, anglers, hunters, snow-lovers and all nature-lovers. If you like gourmet food, take the Green Road, where you can taste a range of homemade food and truly enjoy the fruits of nature.