Plaški is a small town surrounded by a forest, situated in a fertile valley at the foot of the Mala Kapela mountain, on the Dretulja river, supposedly one of the cleanest rivers in the world. Plaški might be small, but at the same time it is huge due to its rich and tense history. The historic name Plaški was first mentioned in 1163, in ancient Croatian documents, as Plas, Plasy and Plazy, which denotes a flat and fertile field. The old Plaški fort at the foot of Plaške Glave was built during the times of the aristocratic Frankopan family and was used to protect the town for four centuries. Today, almost a thousand years later, strength and heroic bravery still reign supreme among the fort’s ruins.

Many battles were fought in this area throughout history, so Plaški became an important military site, as well as the seat of the Upper Karlovac Orthodox Church Eparchy. The political circumstances are constantly changing, military leaders and rulers come and go, but the people of Plaški remain in the area as a witness of time, surrounded by the silence of the valley and the forest. An eagle’s nest or a fox’s lair are very common in the forest that is simply going to leave you breathless. You will enjoy it whether you are a hunter, an angler or a fierce environmentalist, because in the Plaški valley there is room for everyone.

It is always a nice idea to take a walk to the very source of the Dretulja river, its quiet beginning which gradually turns into a karst river. The water appears from the Kapela mountain, and after some ten kilometers disappears again, returning to the darkness of the karst underground. Experts have said that the river’s water is of an extremely high quality. Enjoy the luxury and taste it. There aren’t many such hidden corners of pristine and unpolluted nature left.

Having soaked up the silence and the colors of nature, continue your walk to Janja Gora, an international ceramics center. This is a place of creativity and searching for the lost Iapodic treasures, a place where you can learn about the clay and its characteristics, a meeting place for people dedicated to art and their spiritual development. Relax and dive into this game of earth, fire, air, wood and metal, and embrace the Plaški valley in its entire beauty.