Rakovica is situated on the border between the Lika and Kordun regions, it is an entrance of sorts to the Plitvice Lakes National Park. This area has been famous as a tourist destination for a long time, ever since the discovery of the Barać caves. The hospitality of today’s hosts has been legendary since the war periods in the 19th century, when the local people of Rakovica were on friendly terms with the Hungarian army residing in the vicinity of the Barać caves. Legend has is that that’s how the caves got their name, after the Hungarian word for friend.

Thanks to the Barać caves and the current idea to establish a museum dedicated to the caves, speleological tourism is Rakovica’s greatest asset, since in the surrounding area there are a number of other cave systems and pits. If you opt for a speleological adventure, just descend into the silence of Croatia’s subterranean karst and discover the magnificent rock formations and the underground canals that Mother Nature has created here. If you are just looking for a little escape into the darkness, visit the Barać caves, refresh yourself in summer at 9 degrees centigrade and try to find out who used to live here long before us. And through the paleontological exhibits of bones found in the cave, you will experience a close encounter with a rhino, a cave dwelling bear, a lion and a hyena.

If you need more adrenaline or would like to experience the magic of flying, then visit the Plitvice Adrenaline Park, where you will be able to see the world from a bird’s perspective, with the Korana river flowing through its stone canyon under your feet. Or would you prefer a ride through the surroundings on an ATV? Or maybe a round of paintball with a team of fearless warriors? Would you like to experience a bit of a military drill on the Croatian Army’s grounds? Go horseback riding through the woods and meadows? Go cycling or just enjoy walking or hiking? Enjoy the nature with a gastronomical delight of tasting different kinds of local cheeses, sausages and brandies, with various natural ingredients? Are you interested in arching or mountaineering? Would you like to say hello to Eugen Kvaternik? Or just sit in the cool shade of the Sv. Jelena chapel? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then Rakovica is the right place to fulfill all your wishes.

And do not forget: towards the end of the day, visit the old Drežnik castle, where the spirits of the past still reign. Those are the good spirits, guarding the history and the future of Rakovica