Tanks and loco mobile, howitzers, anti tanks and antiaircraft canons, tackled MIG 21 aircraft, armored transporter… Those are exhibit articles of weapons of Independence war on front line in 1991-1995 in Karlovac district Turanj. The collection is set up on battlefield of the worst fights of Croatia army, which defended Karlovac, by the main road Karlovac -Plitivička jezera. Here is also a memorial for 239 killed soldiers of „defense bridge“ Turanj. Museum is even destroyed in war buildings, built by the army of Habsburg monarchy, than army of Yugoslavia. Even hill Sanac is a part of museum, 100 years old patrol and base hill. The war history of Turanj goes to war with Ottoman Empire, is connected with origination of Karlovac. Here in 1582, a tower was built, watchtower of new fort.

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