SAIL ON THE GRAIN BOAT, truely depicting an 18th century grain boat that once sailed the river Kupa from Sisak to Karlovac and transported grain load.

During the boatride, river sailors will tell you the story about this replica of a historical boat Lađa Zora – which was navigating on the  river Kupa in 18th and 19th century.

They will tell you the story about the long history of the river Kupa, about sunken antique boats and about natural and cultural wealth of the area. The visitors can relax during the navigation and enjoy the sounds of local music.

They can also order coffee, buy homemade liquers, sweets and handmade souvenirs. During the boat ride we navigate along the leftovers of a railway bridge ruined in a Homeland war, along the Pauline monastery and Church of Saint Mary of Snow.

The journey is followed by a rare whitetaled eagle with wingspan of 1,8 meters if we are lucky, but also beavers, otters, beautiful blue king fisher and other birds. The bravest visitors can try to navigate the boat with the assistance of captain and take pictures with a captains hat.

Experience a unique view of nature as a passenger of a unique river boat, a 25-meter-long wooden boat that sailed Kupa in the 19th century. Boat will take you through time and once again awaken the value of the old Croatian oak from which it was built and the value of every wedge and plank that the valuable hands of old carpenters made just for you.